+1 to Digital Literacy

+1 to Digital Literacy

I stumbled into an idle moment and used it to ponder¬†digital literacy. I’ll summarise the Wikipedia link’s summary as the abilities to:

  • “Deduce information from visuals”
  • Create remixes
  • Navigate the non-linearity of the¬†web
  • Find info online and be critical about it
  • Not be an asshole online

I know my summary is not perfect, but neither is the original. I think mine’s more precise. I mean, “don’t be an asshole”. That’s pretty damn clear, right?

Anyway, I think we should add one more. Admittedly, it’s a high-hanging fruit, but I think it’s increasingly important:

  • Find solutions to coding problems even if they are someone else’s script on Stack Overflow that you don’t fully understand.

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